Top 5 Best Fixed Blade Combat Knives in 2020

combat knive

Never bring a knife in a gun fight. But bring a good knife in a fight. Knives are been used in combat from many years. While there are hundreds of knives it is difficult to choose which knife is good, for which purpose. If you are looking for a bushcrafting knives they are different , you cannot used kitchen knives for bushcrafting. Special forces around the world carry two different knives . Knife is a must-have tool in your bug out bag or an SHTF scenario.  So our team has pick some best combat knives for you.

Types of Combat Knives

Fixed Blade :

Fixed blade knives are regular combat knives without any folding blade. They have different sizes and blade shapes. The Fixed Blade is more than a category of knives than a type. Bowie knives are also type of fixed knife the shape of blade is different.

Folding Knives :

From name it shows that folding knives have folding blade, they also came in different sizes and shapes and are designed for different purposes. They are small and light weight a good folding is must have in your bug out bag or in edc.

Karambit :

Joint task force 2 operators used karambit. Therefore Karambits are professional knives and there main purpose is combat. They also come in different sizes and from fixed blade to folding blades.

Blade Shapes And Types

Blade types

The blade type is a completely different thing.  You can buy clip point blade in folding and in fixed blade. It is important which blade shape is good all of them are used for specific tasks.

Top 5 Fixed Blade Combat Knives :

our team has chosen 5 battle proven knives for you.

  1. Ka-bar 1245
  2. Gerber StrongArm
  3.  Glock Field knife FM 78
  4. Navy Seal SOG Tactical Knife
  5. Ontario Spec Plus SP-1 Marine Combat Knife



Ka-bar 1245

Ka-bar tactical 1245 combat knive

Why we choose Ka-bar 1245? The answer is it is the new version of old school ka-bar USMC knife. with American tanto  blade shape. It is Tactical and comes with the kydex sheath which can easily attached.


  • Thick, Sharp and Tanto edge blade for penetration
  • Ka-bar handle design
  • MOLL-compatible sheath

Gerber StrongArm

Gerber strong arm

Gerber StrongArm is a great mid-size fixed blade knife. Used by many LE and Special forces. Designed from high carbon stainless steel which has a very long life. If you are looking for a long life blade than StrongArm is for you because the blade has a layer of super-strength porcelain coating which makes it robust and sharp. StrongArm comes with MOLLE sheath which is multi-mount.


  • Titanium-oxide coated blade
  • Hard Rubber grip
  • Striking pommel at base of handle
  • MOLL-compatible sheath

 Glock Field knife FM 78

Many people think that Glock only made Handguns. Just like there best handguns they also make two different professional knives for combat purposes. Many tactical operators recommend G knife.

Glock divided there Knives into two categories combat and survival

 Field knife FM 7.

Survival knife FM 81.

FM 81 is equipped with sturdy saw. Blade is very sharp and long and constructed with HRC55 steel and are corrosion resistance,  Another feature is  the sheath which is  made of polymer sheath with a lockable retention clip and belt loop. Glock knives comes in different colors.


  • Light weight
  • 6.5″ blade
  • Phosphate coated to prevent corrosion

Navy Seal SOG Tactical Knife :

SOG seal knife

If you are looking for a Navy Seal Knife, then Navy Seal SOG tactical fixed blade is for you. This knife is not only good for combat but it also excellent for bushcrafting , hunting and survival. Blade is made of high- grade steel with titanium oxide coating,  Another feature is it has finger groove grip which make it oil , blood and slip resistant. On the bottom of the knife it has glass breaker, Knife came with MOLLE compatible sheath.


  • MOLLE compatible sheath
  • Ultra sharp
  •  Perfect for extreme conditions


Ontario Spec Plus SP-1 Marine Combat Knife

Sp-1 combat knife

This unique looking knife form Ontario feature with black epoxy powder – which gives it a stealthy finish. The 7″ blade is design for fighting and rescue purpose. Moving on knife handle which look similar to Ka-bar knife is slip resistant.  It features with sturdy Leather and Cordura combined sheath.


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