Top 5 Tactical Camo Pattern Clothes You Should Have

A-TACS camo pattern used by special forces

The Khaki color uniforms were introduced in 1848 by Sir Harry Burnett Lumsden and William Stephen Hodson for British troops. After that many nations started inventing new camo patterns and techniques. Camouflage is not human invention rather its a nature’s invention. In animal kingdom almost all animal used camo for hunt or to hide.

Many new camo patterns were introduced during World War One and World War Two. But in 1976 digital camo patterns were invented which are more effective than the old patterns. Camo clothes are used for hunting and for hiding in the natures’ shadows. Now a days, there are hundreds of camo colors and patterns, which are divided into different environment or surroundings.


Tactical Camo Vs Hunting Camo

Tactical camo clothes are important in stealth based operations. widely used by militaries around the world. Military camo’s are different colors and shadow patterns (mostly 2 – 4 colors in one cloth example : multi-cam ) to absorbed them in the nature’s shadow while hunting camouflage patterns blend with surrounding. Hunting camouflage is divided into 3 different types (Mimicry , Breakup , 3d).


Top 5 Tactical Camouflage Patterns :

  1. Woodland Camo.
  2. MultiCam.
  3. A-TACS.
  4. Kryptek.
  5. Flecktarn.


Woodland Camouflage :

The woodland camo was designed by the US Army in 1986 its pattern is nearly identical to ERDL pattern which was introduced in 1948. It is effective in jungle and green areas and it is still in use. The woodland camo is excellent camo you need in SHTF or in a Survival situation if you are hiding or doing the hunting. After the invention of digital camo’s patterns, the woodland camo also comes in digital form. Some other similar camo patterns are used by civilians and militaries.

woodland camo one the most used camo patterns in the world

Effectiveness :
  • Woodland is effective only in jungle environment.


MultiCam :

Is modern camouflage pattern with wide uses and colors options. Designed by US army in 2000s for special forces , it is effective in jungle , desert and urban environments. Multicam comes in different colors for different operations.Multicam Camo used by US army

Effectiveness :
  • Mixture of 3-4 colors.
  • Blend good in Surroundings.
  • Suitable for Mountain and rocky area.




Stands for Advanced Tactical Concealment system. Is modern tactical camo pattern currently there are 3 patterns in A-TACS. It was designed for law enforcement and special forces.

A-TACS camo a new camo pattern which is more effective than old woodland patterns

Effectiveness :
  • Effective for urban and arid areas.


Kryptek  :

Is a new camo which came out in 2011. The camo pattern looks like a snakes skin, there are large numbers of Kryptek camo colors and patterns designed for different surroundings.  Kryptek uses multi layered colors patterns. it was designed for special forces, and for hunters.

Kryptex camo is a new camo patterns designed for hunters

Effectiveness :
  • There are various types of colors in kryptek for different environments.


Flecktarn :

is a German camo. Introduced in 1990s for German army. The pattern consists 3-6 colors, which is suitable for jungle, and arid arid areas , it is most effective camo series. there are now various color patterns for different environmentsGerman camo..

Effectiveness :
  • Most effective in arid and mud areas.

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